Charles Vallance ‘Brand Capital Is The Best Defence Against Inflation’



Originally published in his latest Campaign column, VCCP's Founding Partner and Chairman Charles Vallance delves into how - in a time of rising inflation - brands can make best use of their budgets by building up their brand capital. With the competing ends of high and low ends of channels, the rise of broadcast TV inflation, attention is at its most expensive, Charles offers up the key questions that brands should be considering when allocating media spend particularly during a media inflation spike. 

"So what can we do? Well, rather like a central bank, the answer depends largely on the reserves built up. Is the brand equity cupboard full or empty? How indelibly branded is your communication? How much ongoing return are we seeing from past investments and the insulating dividend yield that distinctive brand assets generate for the future."

He also notes that if broadcast TV spend seems unrealistic, then the distinctiveness of brand assets becomes even more important.
The ultimate key though? Preparation. 
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