Planning for Covid Christmas chapter II



This year is not about reinventing the wheel, but amplifying the classic codes of Christmas.

As brand and businesses begin preparing for their Christmas advertising campaigns, they will have more factors for consideration this festive season. It’s the second year in a row where Christmas will still look very different to usual thanks to the pandemic, with people spending it in a variety of ways, heightened concerns around sustainability. People have had enough of hearing about Covid-19, yet we shouldn’t dismiss its impact. Hope is also on the horizon with vaccinations and lockdown restrictions easing. So how do we strike the right tone? VCCP Senior Planner, Gemma Smyth takes us through her thoughts on navigating this period. Drawing upon IPA data, she advocates borrowing elements from the past (not trying to replicate it), celebrating the key messages of Christmas, and finding the balance between celebratory and empathetic messaging. Overall, she believes that after a downturn in Q4 ad spend this could be the renaissance of festive season advertising.

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