Gaming represents the biggest entertainment vertical in the world.

Stop with the Metaverse speculation already.

It's the overlooked 2.7 billion Gaming Multiverse that should be on everyone’s radar as VCCP launches global gaming proposition VCCP+

VCCP+ is VCCP's global gaming proposition. On a mission to help brands navigate and leverage the 2.7 billion person Gaming Multiverse, VCCP+ delivers data-backed solutions to help brands build long-term value in the space and challenge the ways gaming is traditionally viewed and activated. 

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Jonny Shaw CSO, VCCP+

Johnny Shaw is CSO of VCCP’s global gaming proposition VCCP+ and chief strategy officer at VCCP New York. Shaw has worked in the game space for over 20 years, leading teams in London, Tokyo, San Francisco and New York.

He has worked on both endemic games brands, PlayStation, Xbox, EA and Rockstar games, to name a few, as well as helping some of the world’s best consumer brands navigate the world of games including Coca Cola, Fanta, Adidas, Google, and many more.


Sashi Nair Head of Strategy, VCCP+

Sashi heads up the strategy department of VCCP’s gaming proposition, VCCP+. He joined VCCP from Havas Sports & Entertainment in January 2022 where he led the strategy practice on gaming, partnerships, sports and music. 

An award-winning, multi-disciplinary strategist, Sashi delivers meaningful vision and solutions based on today’s popular culture across geographies for organisations like The Coca-Cola Company, Beam Suntory, Michelin, Tracfone, Fidelity, Titlelist, P&G, Pringles, Emirates, HSBC, Sony and Volkswagen.