The Rules Have Changed


Sun Life




When Sun Life first approached us, it was a challenge that was too good to pass on. A legacy Canadian financial services group with over 150 years and a global footprint wanting to enter the crowded Singapore market as an unknown. Additionally, Sun Life aimed to target ultra-high-net-worth customers with their new insurance offering. 

This was a category filled with plenty of rich heritage brands that were knee-deep in wealth preservation and peace of mind promises. Not to mention that the communications out in market were full of traditional tropes of what was deemed appealing to high-net-worth individuals - shades of gold, jade and jets and especially in the legacy planning sector, imagery of intergenerational gatherings on a yacht or doing calligraphy. 

Sun Life knew that to be noticed, they needed to be bold and make a strong statement. On top of that, they wanted to be ambitious. Their vision was to ensure that they continuously onboard new generations of high-net-worth individuals. 

A large part of the approach was to understand what it meant to be in that category in Singapore today, and what about Sun Life’s offering will appeal to them.

Based on the data available, we knew that the outlook of Asia’s growth of net worth continues to be robust even after the pandemic. In Singapore, there was an increment of over 8% of Ultra-High-Net-Worth individuals (UHNI) - and their profiles were not what the communications out there pictured them to be.

They are no longer stuffy old men in suits shaking hands in a conference room, but new and younger UHNIs who created their businesses from scratch, or 2nd and 3rd gen individuals who continue to strive beyond their current estate.

Based on the brand truth that the Sun Life's legacy products best benefitted people continuously looking to conquer their next peak and expecting their future generations to do the same, we developed the brand platform ‘The Rules Have Changed’.

Putting the common framework of communications on its head, we spoke directly to these individuals and actively engaged them in a narrative that helps them rethink their wealth plan, which also creates top of mind for the brand. 

Beyond creating campaign materials, a large part of the comms planning goes into engaging these individuals personally in a way that is beyond the obvious.  

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