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On this island, food is life, and life is full of unique occasions that call for food - and so, we created a multicultural, multi-cuisine campaign that has something for everyone. Guy Futcher, Regional Creative Director at VCCP Singapore

In a food mecca like Singapore, the whole experience of eating is almost akin to a religion, devoting yourself to the pursuit of new tastes and good food — and just as diverse as our little island city, the variety of cuisines available all morning and night calls for a celebration of Singaporeans’ unique food habits.

However, as deeply valued as food is to our cultural identity, food delivery tends to be an afterthought and regarded as transactional and a commodity. Another challenge Deliveroo faced was despite being a well-established name in Singapore, it was still commonly viewed as a foreign brand used by expats, thus deemed more expensive than their local competitors.

Driven by the ambition to show that Deliveroo was more than just a food delivery platform, grow their market share in Singapore and drive more consideration from locals, we wanted to help them develop a more locally relevant interpretation of their global brand platform of ‘Food, we get it’.

Our approach to this challenge was two-fold. Firstly, we wanted to create as many fun and quickie food moments only true to Singaporeans to show that not only does Deliveroo understand them but helps make these food moments happen. 

With one master brand film, we showcased different scenarios— family time, overtime at work, wanting to eat healthier, game night with friends, etc., with a fun twist. This master brand film could also be broken up into smaller bite-sized content by scene, which allowed us to do more contexture targeting online and on social media to quickly deliver promotional offers.

Secondly, to mirror our message ‘any occasion is a food occasion’ and reach everyday Singaporeans, contextual bus stop ads were placed around the Central Business District to combat late night overtime treats, cutdowns across streaming platforms such as Viu and Twitch to catch viewers mid-show binge and even lift lobby ads across housing blocks to remind you that you don’t have to think too hard about your dinner prep after a long day out. From there, we retargeted specific audience groups, serving cutdowns of each social occasion scene based on data and behaviour of the segment (pulled by interests, demographics, past app behaviour, etc). Paired with a slightly more tactical promotional driven end tag, it helped to drive conversion of new acquisitions to the Deliveroo Plus membership.

Singapore is a multicultural place with people from all kinds of backgrounds, and so are Deliveroo’s customers. And on this island, food plays a crucial role in people’s happiness in daily life - whether it is to satisfy your cravings on an ordinary day or for a great time with friends. Minjoo Lee, Head of Marketing at Deliveroo Singapore

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