VCCP Singapore Launches Cathay Pacific’s New Dining Platform





VCCP Singapore has created the new global campaign for Cathay Pacific’s enticing dining experiences. This mouth-watering new campaign reinforces Cathay Pacific’s longstanding commitment to offering the most thoughtful touches to the travel experience and becoming one of the world’s great service brands.

As the home carrier of Hong Kong - perhaps the world’s most cosmopolitan culinary cities - Cathay Pacific embodies that heritage through its world class dining experiences. From offering a range of international flavours to contemporary Asian signatures, specially brewed coffee handcrafted for high altitudes, healthier meal choices, to countless special meal options to meet each customer’s unique requirements, Cathay Pacific’s history of attention to detail has never wavered.

And, as travel activities have ramped, Cathay Pacific has doubled down on honing their culinary craft while adding thoughtful new offerings and experiences.

“The Difference is in the Detail” campaign highlights the attention and rigour behind the scenes to deliver delicious, authentic and sustainably sourced dining with Cathay Pacific.

Tying into the brand’s customer proof points of iconic Hong Kong flavours, wellness-inspired menus, specially curated wine lists and freshly brewed coffee, the heart of this campaign is a master film that captures these impactful additions. An upbeat and energetic celebration of Cathay Pacific’s exceptional food & beverage offerings is depicted through the use of dramatic sound effects, dynamic angles and intriguing transitions, making these little details feel immense.

Partnering with Foodfilm, a duo of Paris-based film director and photographer, Michael Roulier and Phillippe Lhomme, and production house Where is Brian? a subsidiary of Quad Group, the team brings their deep understanding of the sensorial appeal of food and beverage into their art. Having worked with internationally renowned brands such as Godiva, Marks & Spencers, Lindt and Häagen Dazs, Foodfilm’s sophisticated approach to the beauty of food highlights Cathay Pacific’s tantalizing dining offerings.


Standing up to close scrutiny in quality, the master film features unique cinematography from a tea infusion that feels like a botanical explosion under water, scenes transporting viewers through a bamboo dimsum basket to macro shots of enoki mushrooms that portray over-sized ancient forests.

This master film is accompanied by a variety of through the line assets, including ATL, digital and social, and will go live globally in July 2023.

Edward Bell, Cathay Pacific General Manager Brand, Insights and Marketing Communications said, “As a proud Hong Kong brand, Cathay Pacific has a duty to uphold and elevate one of our most important offerings – in-flight dining.  Like the people of Hong Kong, we’re passionate about giving our customers the best of international cuisines and the best dining experiences.  VCCP and Foodfilm’s creative concept and articulation, The Difference is in the Detail, perfectly showcases the painstaking craft and passion that goes into every Cathay Pacific meal.”

Andrew Hook, Executive Creative Director at VCCP Singapore shares, “The campaign has been a labour of love from the beginning for all of us – client, agency and production partners alike. We were incredibly lucky to get some of the best in the business onboard, with Foodfilm bringing to bear their unique combination of painstaking technique, flair and artistry. Their passion – and no doubt, attention to detail – shines through in every frame.”

Foodfilm adds, “The concept of quality is reflected in all these intrinsic details and the elegance of our narration lies in its deconstructed abstract style. The film explores a world where refined textures reflect a microcosm of sensations waiting to be experienced, prepared by a caring brand that pays special attention to concepts such as nutrition, authenticity, wellness, sustainability, and above all, the refinement of an exclusive gourmet taste.”

We were incredibly lucky to get some of the best in the business onboard, with Foodfilm bringing to bear their unique combination of painstaking technique, flair and artistry. Andrew Hook, Executive Creative Director at VCCP Singapore

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