Cathay Pacific Sustainability Social Comms





In a world where there is an urgent desire to reduce carbon emissions, waste and positively give back to communities, Cathay Pacific wanted to showcase their wide range of initiatives to reduce the impact of air travel - including adoption of sustainable aviation fuels, recycling, up-cycling and sustainable sourcing of food and beverages.

Through our research and social listening, we devised a content plan and strategy that addressed the needs of conscious travellers, and emphasised Cathay Pacific's innovation in sustainability, enabling them to stand out within the social media landscape where dubious claims have become commonplace.

Developing a series of social content (engaging, snappy videos and straight-to-the-point captions), we aimed to educate customers about Cathay Pacific's ongoing sustainability efforts to make a strong impression. And, in turn making Cathay Pacific a preferred choice for today's thoughtful travellers.

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