Just the way you like it





Time to take delicious vegan cheese into the mainstream.

Violife was expanding their global Vegan cheese distribution, from a few European markets to the United States, and asked us to develop a global campaign that would resonate with fans around the world.

The “Just the way you like it… but vegan” platform was inspired by the product - it’s rich, delicious and when heated it’s awesomely greasy. So we developed a campaign that goes all-in-cheese-feast-over-the-top-hedonistic because the only thing different is… it’s vegan.

We created a hero 30-second film that celebrates the endless ways to enjoy Violife from pizzas and masterful grilled cheeses to straight-out-of-the-bag goodness. Cut downs were made for pre-roll and YouTube and more than 25 short-form videos were created for social, leveraging film and still footage. 

The work has launched in Europe and the US with plans for more markets in the near future and it’s being celebrated by clients and consumers (vegan and flexitarians) who are sharing their love of Violife’s vegan cheese products.

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This was a
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Project for Violife