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Leading virtual healthcare company LetsGetChecked and global agency of record VCCP New York today launches ‘Care Can Be This Good’, an integrated brand campaign designed to drive awareness of its full line of virtual care and home health testing products.

Tapping into the worldwide shift in attitudes to home health testing, the campaign caters to the overwhelming behavioural movement towards telemedicine and at-home healthcare, which has more routine for people due to COVID-19.

Valued at more than $1 billion, LetsGetChecked is a pioneer in healthcare innovation with an end-to-end model including manufacturing, logistics, lab analysis, affiliated physician support, and prescription fulfillment. The home health testing and health insights company operates a seamless user experience and a convenient, reliable, and secure healthcare service. It has experienced exponential growth during the pandemic due to its COVID-19 testing facilities, recording a 880% year-over-year growth since March 2019.

Inspired by the inconvenience of the US healthcare system, and revolutionised by pandemic self-testing, LetsGetChecked provides direct access to telehealth services, pharmacy, and laboratory tests with at-home sample collection kits for a wide range of health conditions including Sexual Health, Cholesterol, Diabetes, Thyroid, Coronavirus (COVID-19), and more. LetsGetChecked bridges the gap between accessibility to healthcare and potential patients by ensuring that there is 100% transparency in cost, making the healthcare sector more accountable and trusted for US patients. 

Launching with four TVCs, VCCP New York worked with Irish director, Lena Beug, who afforded the natural connection back to the company’s proud Irish heritage. Lena, based in Brooklyn, NY directed the hero 30 second brand film and three product films, which address some of the most common health issues and conditions in the US with a virtual care solution offered by LetsGetChecked: Sexual Health, Cholesterol and Thyroid. 

The hero brand film depicts a series of familiar medical situations faced by patients daily, all while highlighting the restrictions of traditional healthcare. Posing the all-too-common questions ‘Couldn’t I do this from home?’ and ‘How long do I have to wait here?’ the work positions LetsGEtChecked as an easy and convenient solution, and universal answer to healthcare accessed from the comfort of home. The three product films aim to showcase the pains consumers face day in and day out regarding the healthcare system. 

There are few truths more universal than the hassle that is going to the doctor. Ray Del Savio, Executive Creative Director VCCP New York

The modern medicine campaign aims to reach a mainstream audience in the USA and broaden their customer base, targeting US adults between the ages of 25 - 54 who are tired of a traditional healthcare system which is littered with inconvenience. ‘Care Can Be This Good’ allows Americans to be in control of their health with healthcare options that are built around how they live. 

With a staggering 60% of the 20 million Americans suffering with thyroid issues unaware of their medical condition, illnesses like this left undiagnosed can often result in much more serious conditions such as cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis and infertility. Similarly, high cholesterol, which again affects a large proportion of US adults, is routinely asymptomatic too. Education and the delivery of healthcare is very much at the forefront of the LetsGetChecked mission. Alongside the release of their Thyroid test, LetsGetChecked are also releasing their care and medication plan in Q4 this year

Over the last year, LetsGetChecked diverted all marketing efforts to support the global drive for at-home COVID-19 testing. Now, conscious of rising patient waiting lists, hospital delays, and a frustration with traditional medicine, self-testing is becoming the norm. This is what makes ‘Care Can Be Good’ the campaign of the moment.

Molly Frome, Brand Director at LetsGetChecked said, “The last 18 months has thrust home health testing into the homes of millions of people, and LetsGetChecked has been a pioneer in this movement from the beginning. It’s pretty alarming that XX number of Americans are avoiding the healthcare that they desperately need. Our mission now is to offer services designed to dispel barriers to healthcare access and our new campaign represents the growth of modern medicine, founded on the principles of human insight and behaviours.”

Commenting on the campaign, Ray Del Savio, Executive Creative Director VCCP New York added, “Great ideas need a universal truth and there are few truths more universal than the hassle that is going to the doctor. The paper gowns alone are enough to put it off for another day. We took these undeniable truths and created a campaign that we hope will leave people saying, "YES! I have totally been there!” We’ve loved working on this campaign, and partnering with future facing brands like LetsGetChecked is what makes us tick. It's hugely exciting to be a part of something from the very beginning and the ambition and energy of a tech startup like LetsGetChecked has matches perfectly with our own startup culture here at VCCP New York.” 

Peter Folley, Chief Executive and founder of LetsGetChecked added, “We are seeing unprecedented demand for at-home diagnostics and care as an alternative to traditional in-person medical visits. We are committed to expanding our offering to help people live longer and live happier lives. It’s exciting to be at the helm of health service innovation, bringing modern medicine into the 21st century.’

The campaign will run from August 23rd to December 31st and will play out across TV, OTT, CTV with 15” and 6” cut-downs of the film airing on several U.S. broadcast networks, as well as streaming platforms including Apple TV, Roku and Amazon Fire. The campaign will also feature digital, social, radio, and be supported by a PR stunt in New York City executed by PR agency, Azione. Media has been planned and executed by Canvas Worldwide. 

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