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We turned the famous rapper Lory Money into a candidate to the Elections by the SUAJ Party in our latest campaign for Worten.

Lory Money is the leader of SUAJ, a surrealist political party that promotes the democratization of technology. The action also count with the collaboration of the journalist Tomás Roncero and the kitchen blogger Abel Arana.

In the electoral proposal of Lory Money are initiatives such as creating the Memesterio, less taxes, more means of electric transport, better resolutions or promote policy with more flavour, under this campaign, Worten customers can find different commercial proposal and promotions aligned under the hashtag #VotaSuaj.

Inês Drummond Borges, Marketing Manager at Worten Iberia, points out:"With the aim of offering a differential and disruptive campaign, we are once again betting on a daring campaign with Lory Money as the protagonist. #VotaSuaj will add a touch of humour to the current journey, while at the same time, as a company, we offer the best commercial proposals to our customers". 

The campaign devised by VCCP Spain will include different actions, such as a rally at the Worten store in Valencia (Bonaire Shopping Center) on 17 April, where attendees will be able to purchase products at special prices. In addition, there will be an end-of-campaign party in San Sebastian de los Reyes Worten and a technological referendum will be held, the dates of which will be announced on social networks and on the campaign website.

Lory Money was already the protagonist of "Estate al Lory", another hilarious Black Friday campaign for the company. Worten has not hesitated to count on the rapper´s "punch" in this new campaign.

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