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BE, Better Energy by Europeans is EIT InnoEnergy’s initiative to trigger societal change towards a better use and understanding of energy by Europeans for Europeans.

BE aims to accelerate citizen awareness, understanding and ability to choose sustainable energy solutions. BE is 100% people-centered, following the belief that citizen engagement is key to achieving the energy transition.

Citizens can contribute to EIT InnoEnergy's mission to accelerate sustainable energy innovations in Europe by being key actors to overcome energy transition challenges.

BE designs inspiring assets, develops creative campaigns and organizes disruptive events across Europe to engage citizens of all age, gender and role in society.

VCCP is the key partner of EIT InnoEnergy since 2016 developing branding, creative asset and communication-driven services for InnoEnergy assets.

Because the more we learn about energy today, the better decisions we will make tomorrow.

We are active in Europe to make a difference in the world of energy.

In the words of Céline Jullien, Head of Citizen Engagement, InnoEnergy S.E.:

!Since 2016 we partnered with the remarkable advertising agency VCCP to make a difference in the transition to sustainable energy by including better European citizens. Together we are developing new creative services and assets that contribute to accelerate the energy transition."

This work shows that, when the creative talent of an agency is applied to the resolution of business challenges, the output is highly innovative and disruptive, opening new, previously unexplored angles that generate value in a relevant and different way, both for society as for any type of agent. Javier Suso, CEO VCCP Spain
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