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The work will run across all nine of easyJet's markets.

easyJet are celebrating their first day of flying and the reopening of Europe with a new social campaign created by VCCP.

The work features a variety of evocative destinations around Europe with open signs to signal they are ‘open’ again.

Alongside this, easyJet will be opening up their social channels to small businesses around Europe who usually rely on tourism. The businesses will be able to post content using the #europening hashtag, and easyJet will then share the best submissions with their followers.

The campaign sits alongside easyJet’s ‘Europe with Confidence’ pledge - a promise to easyJet customers that the airline will look out for their wellbeing, reaffirm their commitment to sustainability, and continue to offer great value.

This campaign is able to reassure, inform and inspire travellers across Europe. And it has, at its heart, the beach bars, tavernas, coffee shops and hotels that we depend on. David Masterman, Creative Director at VCCP
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