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Doritos and their UK agency VCCP London are today launching their largest ever integrated campaign for Doritos Dippers. Kicking off with an ‘unBRIElievable’ stunt to celebrate National Guacamole Day (September 16th) which is a key ingredient of any bowl of Next Level Nachos, the campaign marks the first piece of work created with VCCP including their PR and content agency Good Relations, global production studio Girl&Bear and VCCP Prague.

Doritos Dippers are designed to be thicker and crunchier* - so they don’t go soggy or break when carrying serious weights of cheese, guacamole and salsa. To match this fully-loaded ambition, VCCP turned the dial up to 11, creating a next level campaign for Next Level Nachos - cue smoke, dinosaurs and a towering stack of mouthwatering nachos in an OTT movie-inspired film and a huge PR stunt.

Doritos challenged Good Relations to bring the Next Level Nachos proposition to life and they responded by building the ultimate test in extreme conditions and created a giant mountain of nachos measuring 16ft wide and 14ft high at the home of Britain’s favourite cheese, Cheddar Gorge. Specially trained stunt pilots manoeuvred a helicopter over the nacho mountain, before lifting a massive 4ft nacho covered in piping hot cheese to a lofty 49ft, setting a new world record for the world’s highest ever cheese pull.

Cheese pulls have become a viral trend on TikTok, with cheese pull videos receiving over 1.5 billion views to date. PR and content agency, Good Relations curated the cheesy moment for Doritos after new research of over 2000 Brits carried out for the campaign, revealed that over a quarter of Brits (27%) have tried a cheese pull themselves, reaching an average of 13.4 centimetres in length (much shorter than the new world record of 49ft).

The record-breaking stunt was captured in a film which will be shared across Dorito’s social platforms and PR as part of Doritos’ Next Level Nachos campaign.

The integrated campaign features film content from VCCP London who used photographer Scott Grummett to shoot mouth watering, dynamic crops of delicious, fully loaded nachos crafted with Doritos Dippers. Inspired by epic movie trailers, they then worked with VCCP Prague and Girlu0026amp;Bear to develop playful CG animations to further elevate nachos to the next level featuring helicopters, velociraptors and even a dragon! Iconic VO artist, Redd Pepper, was chosen to deliver the campaign message and give the bold visuals even more energy and a cinematic tone.

Rob Pothier, Senior Marketing Manager at Doritos, said: "This is nacho everyday stunt, this is a Doritos world record to celebrate National Guacamole Day. The day may not be celebrated by everyone, but this is our cup final, our Christmas and our New Year rolled into one. The cheese pull was an epic display of Doritos taking nachos to the next level. This is as gouda as it gets.”

Matt Lloyd, Creative Director at VCCP London, added: “National Guacamole Day is the perfect time to launch an epic integrated campaign to celebrate Doritos’ Next Level Nachos and taking inspiration from movie trailers with helicopters, velociraptors and an iconic voiceover to boost the drama and match the crunch delivered by Doritos Dippers.”

Liam Maguire, Executive Director at Good Relations, part of the VCCP Group, added: “Brave stunts like this take braver clients. The team at Doritos took a punt on this bonkers idea because of their natural challenger spirit and desire to want to disrupt at every turn. It’s been an epic journey and the final film, stunt, creative and media execution is next level.”

The campaign will run across AV, D/OOH, social, digital and retail until 29th October with media planning and buying carried out by MG OMD.

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