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Nationwide Building Society’s latest campaign, ‘Lessons From The Game’ launched across the UK to drive awareness to their partnership with The FA Respect Programme. We created this integrated campaign to demonstrate how integral grassroots football can be in helping build a mutually respectful society. This campaign highlights Nationwide’s partnership with The FA Respect Programme and alongside the UEFA Euros tournament, it was crucial to highlight the importance of encouraging respectful behaviour both on and off the pitch. Aligning with Nationwide’s brand ambitions to discuss authentic societal messages, the campaign utilises real stories from real people.

The 60" film tells the story of a young football players 'Finton' and his grassroots football club Urmston Meadowside FC. Finton's real voice narrates the story of his grassroots footballing career, with the help of British poet Mike Garry. Garry took Finton’s own words and re-arranged them into a beautiful poem, a process referred to as ‘found poetry’. The poem explains that Finton has struggled with his anger on and off the pitch and so has previously found it challenging to play with other children.

Finton then explains that his new team, Urmston Meadowside FC have helped him to overcome these struggles. His team mates slowly arrive to stand by his side, serving as a symbol of the power that grassroots football can have. Furthermore, grass roots football encourages mutual respect and unity and these are important values that Nationwide holds toward their customers.

Paul Hibbs, Head Of Advertising at Nationwide Building Society: "All too often football gets a bad rap. But you only have to visit one of the thousands of grassroots football clubs to see the positive role football plays in helping young people to develop core values of acceptance, inclusion, kindness and mutual respect for their teammates, officials and coaches - skills and values that players learn on the pitch but take into wider society too. Finton’s story encapsulates that perfectly and if we all follow his example we will keep the beautiful game beautiful for generations to come."

Jim Thornton, Executive Creative Director, VCCP: "It feels like all one ever hears about grassroots football is all the bad stuff - abusive parents, terrified refs, players imitating the less savoury aspects of the professional game. But grassroots football also does far more good than harm."

Alongside the hero TVC, 'Lessons from the game', rolled out across digital, print and OOH. Media planning and execution was managed by Wavemaker.

We wanted to celebrate Nationwide's partnership with the FA's Respect programme by celebrating some of the ways it's transformed one young man's life for the better. Written by 12 year old Finton, and starring him and his teammates, we're really proud of his simple tribute to just some of many things that are great about grassroots football. Jim Thornton, Executive Creative Director, VCCP
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