Cadbury Ice Cream, You Already Know You’re Going To Love It







Our latest integrated Campaign for Cadbury ice cream showcases the fabric of the nation brand, Cadbury Dairy Milk, but re-imagined in ice-cream form. This campaign will launch across the UK, the Republic of Ireland and Australia. At the heart of this campaign, Cadbury are confident that if you love their Dairy Milk Chocolate, you already know you're going to love Cadbury ice cream. 

What could be better? The chocolate you love, now doing ice cream. And you don’t have to smash, melt, grate and graft for it like the lovely lad in the film. What a summer we’re about to embark on! We hope. Chris Birch, Executive Creative Director, VCCP

The campaign launched with a hero 30” film, following the story of 'Jake'. Jake is a twelve year old boy attempting to create his own Cadbury Dairy Milk ice cream. Surrounded by an army of messy kitchen utensils, we see Jake try everything from grating to melting, and even resorting to smashing the chocolate with a rolling pin. Despite his efforts, Jake's Cadbury Dairy Milk ice cream creation is far from where he needs it to be. Jake's dad eventually walks into the kitchen discovering the absolute chaos that Jake has created but quickly works out why. He offers a solution in the form of a box of Cadbury Dairy milk ice creams from the bottom drawer of the freezer. 

Alongside the TVC, the OOH, social and digital executions were also created by VCCP showcasing a range of brand new visuals of the iconic Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate bar in a cone, on a stick and on a scoop. The visuals serve to remind people that if they love Cadbury chocolate, they are bound to love Cadbury ice cream.  

Charlotte Hambling, Global Marketing Manager, Froneri UK: We are very excited about this new TV spot for Cadbury ice cream and believe it will really connect consumers' love of Cadbury with that of ice cream. There is no need to go to the lengths that Jake did in this spot as the Cadbury ice cream range is the perfect family treat already combining these delicious tastes of Cadbury chocolate and ice cream! Playing on the emotional connection we all have with Cadbury, Froneri is certain that if you love Cadbury chocolate you already know you are going to love it

The summer campaign will run for 16 weeks until 5th September on TV with a 10” cut down on VOD, social and online. It will be supported by OOH and DOOH executions. Media planning and execution was managed by 7Stars.

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