The world has changed, so should your uni





Torrens University is throwing out the rule books, and the textbooks, to show students the new way to uni.

The Challenge

Torrens University is the modern uni for the modern day. They swap outdated methods of teaching still used at the big institutions, for a more forward-facing and hands-on learning experience that equips students with the skills, work experience, and knowledge from industry experts to get them career-ready.

Our challenge was to encourage passionate, prospective students to apply to Torrens University by showing them what it means to study at one of Australia’s fastest-growing institutions that keeps up with the speed of change in the world, bringing to life all of the ways they represent the future of education where you can truly ‘love the way you learn’.

Our Approach

To prove to students that Torrens University is the place for them to get ahead and stay ahead in a fast-changing world, we created an energetic, attitudinal campaign that shared all of the passionate and career-focused teaching methods the university provides. From swapping lecturers for industry leaders, exams for work experience, classrooms for state-of-the-art facilities, and much more.

This was brought to life in two 30” films and a series of 15”s for each of the university’s key subject verticals, as well as radio, social and digital.

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