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Aligning closely to our mantra, 'It only works if it all works...' brand, experience and communications work in unison to deliver a new, emotive and memorable experience that solves a very real pressing pain point for school leavers...
'What do I do next?'
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The Challenge

As one of Australia’s newest Universities, Torrens University Australia competes with well established, public and private institutions for brand awareness and consideration.

With only a 0.4% market share, providing a sense of trust in terms of quality education and career outcomes is key to growing the organisation.

In order to stand out they tasked us with identifying innovative and attention grabbing solutions based on genuine student needs.

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Our Approach

We began with a deep-dive immersion into the ‘school leaver journey,’ including a nation-wide survey and in-depth interviews with; students, influencers, subject matter experts, and key stakeholders who regularly interface with students, as well as an extensive landscape and literature review.

Using this data we crafted a ‘pathway to application’ experience map, acting as a single source of truth of student behaviours and pain points.

 43% of school leavers are unsure about what they want to do when they leave school

Insights powering design

We found deciding on a future career and education pathway is HARD and it’s no wonder…

  • There’s a constantly changing career landscape
  • Only $3 spent per student on career advice a year (of schools over 1000)
  • 73% of young people don’t think older people can communicate with them effectively (typically career advisors feel old and out of touch)
  • And existing tools to help are weak - information is often vague, dry, monotonous, and lacking in the outcome-based information students want, such as potential careers, and salaries.
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Connecting the dots between passion and careers

In order to serve students personalised career matches within minutes, we developed a profiler, with an algorithm that identifies passions, strengths and skills to match students to a bespoke Career Crush persona, aligned to Myers-Briggs’ 16 Personality Types.

Career Crush not only delivers a personality profile, compatible careers and courses, but also throws in a Spotify playlist, personalised podcast and bespoke recipe – perfect food for thought when planning those next steps towards your dream career.

VCCP Career Crush Wireframes

Thinkers and Makers

VCCP created the UX, design and algorithm that powers the profiler and used our trusted build partners (Lash) to build the experience.

Communicating Career Crush

Career Crush was brought to students via multiple channels, and was particularly successful on TikTok where we engaged eight micro-influencers to really creatively showcase the experience. This resulted in huge engagement with the quiz - and really positive comments such as...

This quiz is an ingenious and relevant way of reaching out to future students. It's not only innovative but uniquely grounded in science and an immensely shareable concept Linda Brown, CEO Laureate Australia and New Zealand, President Torrens University Australia
Career Crush Results - 165,000 quiz completions, 90,000 by Yr 9-12 students

The Results

Within a month of launch, the quiz had over 165,000 completions - with 21,928 coming from Year 12 students and continues to garner traction today - with those who engaged with the experience becoming warm leads for the future…

Explore the experience yourself here

Career Crush provides utility beyond what other university recommendation tools provide, and it does so in a modern and contemporary way that really connects with our audience. We're delighted with what we've been able to achieve in partnership with VCCP by having brand, comms and CX all under one roof. Rion Shelley, Head of Brand, Torrens University Australia
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