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OBJECTIVES: Our task was to stimulate new customer acquisition through switching. Specifically:

AWARENESS: Move beyond the saving only legacy by focusing on transactional banking.

SALIENCY: Cut through to offset the absence of a retail network.

CONSIDERATION: Establish a new raison d’etre to drive consideration.

CONCENTRATED BRAND IDEA: Complaining about banks is a national pastime. Backed by ING’s authentic values, the legacy of a fairer deal, and the highest net promoter score in the category, the strategic opportunity for ING was to pick up the role of the category challenger – the principled David to the ruthless banking Goliaths and a viable alternative to the Big 4. When the banking system isn’t in the interests of people, ING will challenge, change or reinvent the system – now that’s How Banking Can Be.

POPULATING CULTURE: Take “How Banking Can Be” to market with the impact and memorability necessary to demonstrate the authenticity of the line.

EFFECTIVENESS: The campaign embodies the essence of successful long-term brand building – the consistent application of a strong communication strategy to create distinctive mental associations and beliefs around a brand. With an ROI of 175%, the campaign has driven transformational commercial growth and won Best Media Campaign of the Year at the Australian Retail Banking Awards (2018) alongside being a finalist at both Midas and the EFFIEs.

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