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In a world first, HSBC helps preserve one of Australia’s natural wonders -
the Great Barrier Reef. 

The Challenge

HSBC has a global commitment to help the world transition to a low carbon economy. One recent initiative is a partnership with GreenCollar and the Queensland Government to purchase Reef Credits. Reef credits will play a pivotal role in protecting the future of the Great Barrier Reef as both an Australian and international icon.

The challenge for HSBC is that most Australians know very little about their local efforts of environmental sustainability, specifically their contribution to helping the Great Barrier Reef to thrive.

Our participation in this global first reinforces our commitment to safeguarding natural assets like the Great Barrier Reef. KABER MCLEAN CEO, HSBC AUSTRALIA

Our Approach

To create awareness of this and drive consideration for the brand, we leveraged their status as a sustainability leader in the financial sector. We showcased beautiful imagery of the Great Barrier Reef interacting with the iconic HSBC logo to inform Aussie travellers of the brand’s initiative to support local landowners to improve water quality in the reef, known as the Reef Credit Scheme.

With their heritage and popularity amongst internationalists, it was fitting to utilise placements across Australia’s major airports, spanning DOOH, in-flight films, and digital media.

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