Grow Bold


Feros Care



For Feros Care we launched ‘GROW BOLD‘, an aged care movement that’s redefining the rules of…..ageing. Retiring? Getting old? Not this lot. In fact, our eyes were opened to a world of adventurous, go‑getting, forward thinking seniors with an eat‑life attitude that could put many of us to shame. And in a sector where care can often mean being disconnected from life, Feros Care believe everyone should be able to continue to learn, grow and live a healthy, independent life. Through a new brand world and communications platform, and with the help of renowned photographer Simon Harsent and filmmaker Thibault Upton, ‘GROW BOLD’ celebrates and promotes a bolder outlook to ageing and aged care.

Age is an issue of mind over matter. It doesn’t matter, if you don’t mind. Mark Twain
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