Sick Sergei



Aleksandr said, “My website has crash, and so has Sergei! Who will make my tea now?”

Our favourite Russian meerkats, Aleksandr and Sergei, are back. In their latest TV commercial, we discover that Head of IT Sergei is under great amounts of stress from Australians mistakenly arriving at looking to compare health insurance. Rather than providing Sergei with another set of hands, Aleksandr buys him a brand new laptop so Sergei can work around the clock. But in a dramatic twist to their story, Sergei is rushed to the hospital with exhaustion from working 25 hours a day. For the first time, Australians get to see the world through Sergei’s eyes and hear his thoughts as he’s wheeled through the hospital on a gurney pushed by furry paws. The TVCs form the basis of a 5-month campaign waged by Aleksandr during the health insurance period, supported by outdoor posters, online and social activity.

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