Robe of Burgundy





VCCP Australia is pleased to announce, on behalf of Aleksandr Orlov, founder of, the launch of Simples Productions in Australia.

Simples Productions will make exclusive content and rewards for those Australians who know the difference between, where we compare meerkats and, where they find good insurance deals.

The first release is his ‘Robe of Burgundy’ competition offering fans the chance to answer a one-question quiz to win one of five, velvet and silk, tailor made, paw-stitched Alekander inspired robes, made by the founder himself (or rather, Sergei). And every entrant will receive a download of the robes’ tailoring pattern.

Says Orlov: “With spare room found in East Wing of mansions, I had executive level brainwaves and decide to set up Simples Productions office. I am most please to announce inaugurals production, ahem… Aleksandr Orlov’s Robe of Burgundy Competition. Sergei (my head of IT and tailoring) will paw-stitch robes of velvet and silks for lucky winners. Entering is simples with one-question quiz. And each and everys entrant will receive downloading of authentic tailorings pattern.”

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