Meerkat Mondays

Meerkat Mondays





Compare the Market turn Mondays into Fundays with brand new rewards programme, Meerkat Mondays.

The Challenge

To set themselves apart from other price comparison websites, Compare the Market created a membership programme that rewarded users: Meerkat Mondays. Aussies who purchase a policy through Compare the Market are offered the chance to win amazing prizes every Monday, for 6 months. The new initiative needed to be launched with a bang to show the nation just how rewarding it can be to compare with the meerkats. 

Meerkat Mondays is a really fun and rewarding way to engage with our customers
Our Approach

We made a big song and dance about Meerkat Mondays, literally, with a glitzy, broadway-style campaign celebrating our meerkats making Mondays fun again with a host of impressive prizes. A theatrical song and stage design brought the exciting rewards programme to life in a multi-channel campaign spanning TV, OOH, social and digital channels.

Compare the Market has always been about helping Australians look for a better deal in a way that’s Simples. Now with Meerkat Mondays it can be Simples and rewarding – it’s a win-win! Michael Goodhew, Brand General Manager, Compare the Market
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