iSimples app

iSimples is made from state-of-art computermabob technology and high quality sticky tape. And I have made it totally free for download! You are welcomes. I am hope you will enjoyment. Aleksandr has taken its meerkat mascot Aleksandr Orlov into yet another medium with the creation of a free iPhone app allowing people to play with his phrases.

Launched on Christmas Day, the 'iSimples' app allows users to make Aleksandr say a selection of well-known and new phrases such as “Will you do me the honour of marry me?” and “hey, pork buns!”

Other functions include an extensive video library, a mongoose detector to alert users to any offensive mongooses in the area, an Auskats gallery and a hidden iSergei page that fans have to unlock.

The app is available for free download from the iTunes app store.

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