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“Written, direct, edit, produce, costume design and acted by yours truly, these epic movie films are claw-biting edge-of-seat thrill-ride!” Orlov says. “I am still waiting for my Oskats award,” he adds. “Organisers say it must be lost in post.” Aleksandr Orlov

For fans wondering how a meerkat ended up in Russia running an internet comparison business, the answer has arrived. ‘Ancestors’ is a series of epic ads that reveal the history of Launching on both the big and small screens across Australia, these meerkat-sized films feature Aleksandr and Sergei in the starring roles. Running across TV, cinema, social and online, the launch of the TVCs also coincides with a relaunch of the website. Featuring full bleed images, there’s a breadth of new, exciting content for fans, such as his family history and Sergei’s own blog.

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