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Australia, meet Aleksandr Orlov, global businesskat and founder of He’s annoyed that people are clogging up his meerkat comparison site looking for cheap insurance from And he’s here to teach you the difference.

As an advertising phenomenon, the campaign has enjoyed huge success abroad and has been introduced to support awareness for the new comparison website, which launched in January.

Fronted by an aristocratic Russian meerkat, Aleksandr Orlov, who is the founder of, the campaign is a cleverly constructed play-on-words between an apparent common mistake of consumers searching for ‘meerkat’ rather than ‘market’.

The new advert illustrates Aleksandr’s confusion around the sudden increase in traffic to his website by consumers looking to compare insurance since the launch of To help customers find their way, he politely demonstrates that the websites are ‘two very different things’ and that he is in the business of comparing meerkats – not insurance.

The entrepreneurial meerkat’s website also launches this week. The integrated campaign is set to boost brand awareness and traffic for It will feature a range of digital executions including a YouTube and Facebook page, as well as downloadable wallpapers, ringtones, message tones and voicemails available on

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