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Imagine if our ancestors could connect with us across time. If we came face to face with people from the past. What would they look like? Sound like? And what stories would they have to tell?
In a campaign working across TV, Digital and Social, Ancestry, VCCP and production partner Moth have brought people from the past alive, allowing our ancestors to make passionate appeals for us to connect directly with them through Ancestry’s family history technology and unique DNA profiling.
Each character in the campaign has their own story to tell: an 1888 Barrow Girl or "Costermonger", a 1788 First Fleet Convict, an 11th Century Viking leader speaking in Old Norse, a 19th-century Drover and a Polynesian princess Alika.
Ancestry is the world’s largest online family history resource with more than 2 million subscribers worldwide, and the AncestryDNA test has been taken by over 1 million customers globally.

Each of these moving portraits is a simple call to action. A message from the past asking us to connect. We get to experience the fear of our First Fleet convict; the optimistic resolve of our Barrow Girl; and the raw danger of the Viking. Working with Ancestry, Moth, and historians of each period, the team worked hard to recreate accurate art department, wardrobe and dialogue, to really do justice to the ancestors of real Australians and New Zealanders. VCCP Founding Creative Director Dean Hunt
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