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To help ease the burden of employees who haven’t been able to see their families in months, or in many cases, years, due to the pandemic, we've launched VCCP REUNITE.

Under the initiative, employees will be able to work from anywhere in the world to enable them to reunite with their family who may be overseas, interstate or regional. VCCP will support remote working from any part of the world for up to two months.

Says Suzie Roberts, managing director, VCCP: “This pandemic has impacted so many in our industry. All of our employees have loved ones in different states or abroad. We’ve had many employees make a mad dash interstate as borders open and shut at the drop of a hat. Once borders open up for Australia, we want our employees to feel supported and not disadvantaged for wanting to be with their loved ones – many of whom they may not have seen in years. We have successfully worked remotely through two lockdowns which has proven that our team is not only capable of remote work, but thriving… which is why we have such confidence in our employees.”

The initiative is available to all VCCP employees regardless of tenure, teams will be formed so there is always a ‘hand on the ground’ locally for urgent local matters and meetings will be kept to ‘social’ times keeping in mind time zone differences.