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Our latest work in cooperation with Pernod Ricard, calls for a well-balanced lifestyle in order to promote traditional Czech herbal liqueur – Becherovka.

The right mix of herbs and spices with first mention in 1807 is even nowadays produced following the same secret recipe, and we couldn’t be more honoured than to further communicate it's potential. We created witty series of spots, where we took success a bit differently. The goal was to humorously remind us, that success doesn't have to be always work related.

We often try so hard to be successful in our professions, constantly under the pressure, forced to keep up and perform on all fronts, that we might forget to enjoy life on the way.

Therefore, we are trying to remind people to keep the right mix in life and inspire them to create, share, experience, basically to take it easy. Balancing the career and work life, together with free time shared with our close ones, is the real definition of success. Observing the sky, jumping in the lakes with our friends, setting dinners for our family, or watching sunsets. That’s what makes us life professionals.

Campfire specialists, sky observes, toast coordinators - that’s what makes us all professionals, in life.


“We aspire to remind people that it doesn’t take much effort to create great life experiences. Even more, in a world where borders between work and rest of our lives are blurring, and making plans is more difficult, sometimes all we need to do to enjoy life is look around and appreciate the small moments that surround us.

Even better is when we are able to share it with the ones most close to us, in a responsible manner of course, when the situation allows us to.”  

says Radi Uzunov, Marketing Manager at Jan Becher Pernod Ricard

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