Business is Changing. Are you with us?





We have all heard of T-Mobile, but when it comes to the B2B space T-Mobile for Business still lagged far behind, both in awareness and in market share.

T-Mobile needed a positioning in the market, and wanted to mount a serious challenge against the established duopoly of AT&T and Verizon.   

The problem:
T-Mobile were worried that the kicking/upstarter image would put off prospective decision makers, viewing the decision to switch their organisation to younger, more dynamic carrier as a risky decision. 
The solution:
To position the idea of staying put as the risky thing to do. To use our competitors strength of being the establishment as their weakness. Because the truth is that playing it safe in a world of disrupters is the worst choice you can make.

Business is changing. Are you with us?

The idea:

The campaign is a signal and a question.

It was a signal that T-Mobile for business exists and has a POV. And has been executed in a contemporary, fresh way in key business geographies, placements and formats from business podcasts to airports to elevators.

But also, critically, a loaded question to those all important decision makers that effectively asks, how ambitious are you? 

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