F*ck It, Let’s Ride Together




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Despite the convenience of virtual workouts, for many they have run their course, and simply can’t replace the energy of working out with others. That’s certainly how SoulCycle feels. Which is why, in another bold statement from the brand, SoulCycle is offering eligible owners of the Peloton®  Bike and Peloton® Bike+ a unique opportunity to trade in riding at home for free in-studio SoulCycle classes through their latest program, dubbed SOULS REUNITED.* 

The limited time program, available for the first 100 eligible people who sign up, runs from July 27 - August 3 and includes a complimentary pick up service for the old bike and a package of 47 in-studio classes, worth over $1,400. Classes can be redeemed at any of SoulCycle’s 83 studios across the country. 

The offer is part of SoulCycle’s audacious brand campaign and TV spot, “F#ck It, Let’s Ride”, created by VCCP NY. “F#ck It, Let’s Ride,” is a rallying cry emphatically prompting everyone, everywhere to return to doing what they love - physically and mentally - as we head out into the world again. 

Evelyn Webster, CEO of SoulCycle says: “Riding in a studio is an unrivaled experience, adding a much needed dose of intoxicating energy and an electric atmosphere into our workout routines, and we missed this during the pandemic. This offer is about saying “we hear you” to those who want those feelings back, and giving them the chance to ride together, not solo.”  

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