F*ck It, Let’s Ride






SoulCycle is putting a stake in the ground to bring fearless fun back. The unapologetic call to action, “F*ck It, Let’s Ride,” is part of an exciting new campaign that inspires riders everywhere to get back out into the world doing what they love. 

The brand is urging communities to embrace the joy of today, while recommitting to the energy of riding together.

New York (June 21, 2022) - SoulCycle’s latest advertising campaign, “F*ck It, Let’s Ride,” doesn’t mince words. This unapologetic declaration is emphatically prompting everyone, everywhere to return to what we love- physically and mentally - as we head out into the world again. 

SoulCycle is making one thing clear: They’re standing behind the pursuit of pleasure, happiness, elation and connection in all its forms and they’re committed to helping you get back out in the world. The ethos of SoulCycle to move people to move the world isn’t wavering as the brand shifts into a new era of connection, collectiveness and unity. 

Coming out of the pandemic, SoulCycle has doubled down on their commitment to happiness, flipping the narrative and calling on people to switch gears, step away from their work-from-home routines and get back to what they love - having fun together. 

The campaign is anchored by a 45 second TV spot that features inspiring SoulCycle instructors Madison Ciccone, Brian Evans, Stacey Griffith, Trammell Logan, Catherine Moran, Karyn Nesbit, Chris Pipkin, Dani Robertson, Alba Verela, and Sam Yearsley. 


The spot shows the contagious energy of the instructors silhouetted against a vibrant neon aura and overlaid with rhythm and high energy music that personifies the spirit of “F*ck It, Let’s Ride.”

Evelyn Webster, CEO, SoulCycle says: “Our new campaign captures the spirit of the moment as well as the intoxicating energy and immersive experience that speaks to our physical and mental well-being. Being back in the world and uniting through movement we’re boldy tapping into the parts of ourselves that crave connection. As a result we’re empowered, confident, and re-energized. It’s a feeling that can only be captured through togetherness and unified movement.”

The campaign was executed in partnership with global creative agency, VCCP NY and is live across CTV, YouTube, digital OOH and supported on social media from June 21 throughout the summer in the USA.  

Jonny Shaw, International Chief Strategy Officer, VCCP NY says: “This campaign shows the audacity of the SoulCycle brand and their desire to shake things up. SoulCycle is on a mission to leverage its iconic brand status and incredible community to inject positive energy into the world. It was an equally combined endeavor between the SoulCycle and VCCP NY teams to bring this to life. We’re excited to see people’s reaction to this bold statement and be inspired to reclaim the fun in their lives.”

SoulCycle is an immersive and intense full-body workout. The rockstar instructors guide the class—leading the pack and inspiring riders to lose themselves in the ride, the rhythm, the music and the experience.

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