We wanted to use this milestone as an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of the business.

To celebrate its 50th anniversary, Airbus challenged us with the creation of a global, integrated campaign.

By drawing upon the full range of skills across the Good Relations team we delivered a fully integrated global campaign, with the entire Airbus business united under the strategic campaign narrative ‘Pioneering Progress’. 

This narrative – celebrating the passion, talent and pioneering spirit which drives everyone at Airbus to shape the future – helped us to create fresh campaign content and storytelling angles, which brought to life the stories of people across the business, reaching new audiences around the world. 

Through the development and launch of a distinctive campaign website we ‘unlocked’ 50 stories of pioneering progress over 50 consecutive days, beginning on the day of the anniversary.
Each story was crafted to provide compelling content across the full range of paid, shared and owned channels, capturing the essential elements of who Airbus is, what makes it different, its achievements, and the value the business brings to the world – today and in the future.

All content was developed centrally within Good Relations, and drawing on the full range of the agency’s expertise, the campaign and its 50 stories were revealed and amplified globally – through web, social, influencer and internal platforms - and in several languages by local market teams within Airbus.

We created engaging, ‘social first’ content with innovative formats including Facebook Instant Experiences and Influencer content, and implemented a holistic paid social strategy across all Airbus channels. 

Our strategy of unlocking content gradually, day-by-day, enabled us to engage multiple audiences over a nearly 2-month period. 

By the end of day 50, the campaign had generated a total of almost 210,000 website visits, a social reach of over 41 million, and almost 4.5 million social engagements.

Importantly for Airbus the campaign also generated channel growth of 166,034 new followers - 83% more growth than the previous 6 week period - and a 1,076% increase in positive comments across social channels.
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