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Avon Make-up Your Own Mind



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Everyone has their own, unique memories of Avon. Most people know Avon but bring with them out-dated preconceptions and opinions about what it is, what they do and who they are for.

Our challenge was to reignite and connect today's make-up consumer with the Avon promise. To position the brand more positively with today's modern woman, making Avon a brand of choice and something you'd be happy to have in your make-up bag.

A truth mainly unknown and uncommunicated was Avon's outstanding product quality. In blind tests, the brand consistently out-performs more expensive premium brands like Mac and Benefit. The company knows this but consumers don't. This truth led us to a creative strategy focused on uncovering and making famous the quality and performance of Avon products. We did this by sending them to the toughest audience there is; make-up vloggers, asking them to u2018Make-up your own mind u2013 #MUYOMu2019.

Our YouTube vloggers were presented with nine hero Avon products in unbranded packaging and asked to try them out. We filmed them testing the products, giving genuine opinions and then revealed at the end of the film that they were using Avon products.

On a limited budget we managed to create a suite of content with reach well beyond our budget. Reaching an engaged audience of over 650,000 loyal make-up fans and delivering over 3M unique views.

The campaign grew quickly and achieved such high engagement rates that Avon then took the content idea above-the-line for a nationwide TV and Outdoor campaign. The campaign had more than 9M social views and 100K engagements.

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