VCCP Appointed Lead Creative Agency for Toblerone


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As one of the most iconic chocolate bars in the world, Toblerone has a rich history.

Mondelu0113z International has appointed VCCP as their lead creative agency for Toblerone. VCCPu2019s appointment on Mondelu0113z Internationalu2019s popular chocolate brand follows the agencyu2019s selection as lead global ad agency for Cadbury in 2017 and Maynards Bassettu2019s and Green u0026amp; Blacku2019s in 2019. 

VCCP will initially be working on a large global creative platform, looking to launch in 2021.

David Boscawen, group managing director, VCCP added: "It's a huge privilege to be asked to work on Toblerone as it's one of the most iconic food products in the world and extends our relationship with Mondelu0113z International."

We are thrilled to start this collaboration with VCCP. It comes at an inflection point in the history of the brand and our belief is that VCCP will help us unleash the true potential of Toblerone to play an even more meaningful role in our consumersu2019 lives. Emanuel Gavert, Global Brand Lead, Toblerone at Mondelu0113z International