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Analogue meets digital.

How can Spotify give listeners and fans of APPARAT an experience that goes far beyond the limits of the listening experience? How can Spotify create something permanent with temporary sounds and digital visualisations and at the same time enable fans to have an unforgettable experience? The idea: the APPARAT apparatus, that combined images and sound and translated these into unique artworks.

And this is how it worked: fans were able to listen to the new album, visualise its sound elements and link them to an interactive installation using the apparatus. The best ones were printed on 500 numbered artworks, each of them unique. The event was situated at the Urban Spree Gallery in Berlin, Friedrichshain, where we organised a 3-day exhibition to celebrate the album release.

Event and location were a huge success. Not only APPARAT and music fans came to the exhibition, but a much broader crowd. And the 500 numbered art prints were gone within a few hours!

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This was a
Customer Engagement
project for Spotify
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