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You can't buy happiness, but you can buy a motorbike.

BWM is a premium brand in a category that has lost its aspiration. Riding a motorcycle has lost its desirability. The market is stagnating. To attract new users we need to reignite consideration of the category. We thus wanted to bring back joy and dynamism to the category and invite bikers and future bikers to become part of an aspirational lifestyle.

In order to generate enthusiasm and desire for motorcycling, we needed to add joy, vigour and thrill to the life of aspirational people – just as BMW Motorrad stands for an optimistic and creative approach to life for more than 90 years.
VCCP developed an inspiring and engaging brand strategy and overarching idea that works across borders, products and target groups. MAKE LIFE A RIDE. It values and highlights human beings and features their specific style of life vs. the strong focus on product features that dominated the category. Authentic, but sophisticated. True, but not trite. Set in scene, but not staged. Under the umbrella of MAKE LIFE A RIDE we created inspiring and engaging content to connect with existing and new users in the digital world (.com, Instagram, youtube, Influencer, Facebook) as well as in the real world (though events and at POS).
Just two years after the start of MAKE LIFE A RIDE, BMW Motorrad has successfully transformed from a bike manufacturer to a lifestyle brand. Campaigns, brand claims and the new brand experiences were a great success for the motorcycle rider community. Sales shot up by 18.5%. The brand has developed an attraction for non-drivers and inactive drivers. BMW Motorrad became the motorcycle brand of the year and some fans got MAKE LIFE A RIDE tattoos themselves.

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This was a
Brand communication
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