Customer Experience Design

Experience makes all the difference.

Brands are the sum of all interactions between customer and company.

So what a brand does is usually more important than what a brand says.

With Customer Experience Mapping, we therefore examine the entire customer journey, show the real human needs in the behavior of customers and design new, surprising product and service ideas.

Of course, it's not just the concept. We also help you test ideas for scalability and successfully place them on the market. Especially in increasingly generic market environments, we create new differentiation and new relevance with completely new propositions.

What we do

Experience Mapping

Experience mapping summarizes and illustrates a wide variety of data and market research results as a customer journey on just one page. This helps brand and company managers to identify the biggest pain points and the most promising opportunities for new services and products.

Co-Creation Sprints

In a series of workshops and fast, concentrated creative sprints, we work on solving unmet consumer needs together with consumers, experts and clients. The result: new product and service ideas that completely rethink the brand experience and prove their impact in the market.

Go-to-Market Toolkits

Ideas without implementation are nothing but hollow words. With the help of launch toolkits, we therefore support our clients to actually implement concepts on the market. This includes: MVP design, communication measures, tracking and KPI setting as well as recommendations for pilot markets and A / B testing.

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