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By providing a plethora of brands to suit every customer need at permanent outlet prices and beautiful shopping experiences, McArthurGlen Designer Outlets allow people to shop their hearts out. The new 2018 campaign focuses on these ‘shopping stories’, reimagined in an aspirational, stylised way to engage and intrigue consumers.     

McArthurGlen Designer Outlets is the fastest growing group in the European Outlet sector with 80 million shoppers annually. 

McArthurGlen Designer Outlets operates 24 outlets, across 11 markets, in 20 languages and has a turnover in excess of 4.5 billion euros in 2017. Its curates the biggest, broadest mix of premium, luxury and lifestyle brands, offering the fashion loving shopper year-round savings of 30-70% on over 3000 brands, all in beautiful, high quality shopping environments close to major tourist hubs. 

Challenged with deepening brand saliency at the same time as driving performance growth in terms of catchment footfall and frequency, the new campaign has been designed to be agile and flexible enough for overarching brand campaign moments across the year as well as leverage cross portfolio and bespoke local market tactical trading moments. 

We have worked with McArthurGlen Designer Outlets for the last eight years, as part of the central insight hub and lead agency on campaign planning, concept creation, channel planning, production, local market transcreation and through the line execution and activation of campaigns producing over 10,000 artworks a year. 
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This was a Retail project for McArthurGlen

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