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In 2010, Apple launched the iPhone 4, the first smartphone with a decent camera.

This kickstarted the camera phone’s journey to ubiquity whilst triggering a slow erosion of the traditional camera category. 

At first, photography brands chose to tackle the challenge head on, showcasing the benefits of superior photography with ‘proper cameras’. But this only marginalised the brands, reserving them for ageing hobbyists and professionals.

So in 2016 we developed a radical change of strategy for Canon. 

A generation of visual storytellers

‘Live for the story_’ became our endline and mantra. A drastically different message for the category, focusing on the audience’s experiences, not ISO speeds and f-stops. And the work we created felt more fashion and lifestyle. 
‘Live for the story_’  launched across EMEA, integrated across all channels. It challenged audiences to go out and live their life’s stories; whilst repositioning Canon’s products and services as tools to help them tell their stories. 
A brand redesign created an editorial style, that of a story telling brand. 
The photography we showcased didn’t feature the clichè births, marriages and sunrise on a rare Californian rock formation. We featured simple human moments, random moments, the moments that happen inbetween all the grandiose landmarks in our life. Becasue these are moments we all take photos off. 
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This was a
Customer Engagement
project for Canon
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