50th Anniversary





Hisense has always been a step ahead of the curve, a pioneer in its field.

Since its humble beginnings of manufacturing radios in a small Qingdao radio factory in 1969, Hisense has grown into an electronic giant with a diversified portfolio of consumer electronics, household appliances and IOT solutions;  a brand with five decades of track record in making consumers’ live simpler and better.

Yet, this familiarity with its long history has resulted in Hisense being perceived as old and conservative. 

On its 50th anniversary, how can VCCP help Hisense reaffirm its status as a credible long-standing household brand, while also shedding its dated brand image to excite its audience?

Hisense has always been a step ahead of the curve, a pioneer in its field.

From developing the first Chinese double door refrigerator to inventing the world’s first Laser Cinema TV, just to name a few, it’s evident that Hisense constantly strives to bring futuristic gadgets to the table since day one.

“Fresh at 50” - a campaign that brings to life the brand’s evergreen commitment to innovation for the past 50 years.

In a series of animated films, we follow the journey of Hisense’s mascot - Beta Ball - as it goes about its day. At every step of the way, audiences get a glimpse of the evolving environment as an allegory for how Hisense is continually innovating for the next generation of customers.

Cathode Ray Tube TVs to SmartTVs. 

0G Cellular Phones to 4G Smartphones. 

Smart homes to Smart Cities. 

This is a story of Hisense’s unwavering determination of pushing the boundaries of tomorrow.

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This was an
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project for Hisense
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