Data intelligence meets emotional intelligence


At VCCP, we believe in the positive union of data and creativity. 

For too long it’s been easier to keep them apart, forcing a choice between the two. But the truth is, the real power of data can only be found when it’s looked at creatively. 

“Data intelligence meets emotional intelligence”

Our talented team of strategists, scientists and analysts sit within the VCCP planning and creative community. We invent innovative new tools, and exploit the potential of data and technology to transform our creative work and the fortunes of our Clients.

Amongst other things, you’ll find us building measurement frameworks and dashboards, crafting business cases, creating econometric models, developing useful audience segmentations, and designing content scoring models to maximise the effectiveness of our creative.

Claire Tusler Chief Data Officer

Claire has worked in data for over 25 years, so has seen a huge change in both how data is used but also perceived. Prior to VCCP she was Head of Data and Analytics at Proximity, she joined VCCP 3 years ago, a few weeks before lockdown, so had an interesting introduction to the agency. Since then she has integrated experts in data into a centralised data team, to enable all parts of the agency to truly benefit from data expertise. The Data Team now works across all areas of the VCCP Group, working with more than 50 clients across a very broad selection of data projects.

Daryl Swinden Head of Data Strategy

Daryl has worked in data for over 25 years. Starting as a programmer, onto analytics and then data strategy. He was worked agency side & client side; across both B2B and B2C sectors, and even ran his own database management company.

Amongst others, his brand experience includes Specsavers, Dominos, Saga, British Airways, P&G, Oracle & BP.

At VCCP, he heads up the data strategy team working across the agency on multiple clients providing data consultancy and direction with a keen eye for data innovation, and how brands can optimise their activities through the clever use of data.

Lucy Chaudhuri Senior Data Scientist

Lucy has worked as a data scientist and analyst for over 20 years. Prior to VCCP, Lucy was also at Proximity for 8 years and TMW for 12. Since her arrival, Lucy has made a considerable difference to the data science capabilities, managing a team of data scientists with very different skill sets. Lucy’s team can cover most platforms, including languages and modelling techniques.