On Christmas Day comparethemarket.com launched a new character as part of its ongoing campaign; a baby meerpup called Oleg.

In the first spot Oleg is left on the doorstep of comparethemeerkat.com founder Aleksandr Orlov’s mansion on a dark and stormy night. After a moment’s hesitation, Aleksandr and his faithful assistant Sergei decide to take Oleg in.

The second TV commercial titled ‘Daily Life with Baby Oleg’ launched in March. Aleksandr said; “Baby Oleg has become part of Orlov family. You cannot take two step in mansion without step on one of Oleg’s new toys or video cassette.

Poor Sergei have been run off his claws. Only time Oleg is not cause havoc is when he is tuck up in his crib sleeping and he not even do that for long. I not sure is good advert for parenthood.

Business is difficults enough without look after baby meerkat. So please remember, go to compare the market not compare the meerkat.”