May 2, 2017

Media meets Message – why now?

The proliferation and fragmentation of channels and ads means it’s never been harder to reach and create meaningful connections with customers. Thus, the fusion of media and message and the importance of them working in harmony has never been so pertinent as it is today.

In an age of fake news, content snacking and ad avoidance, it’ll only become harder and more expensive to reach consumers if we don’t get this balance right. Get it right though and we’ll deliver complete relevance and effectiveness. Yet, we see the industry divide widening rather than lessening… the creative vs. media war is more alive than ever. It’s time to explore why.

This season of Curious explores the key themes of the media meets message debate in a uniquely discursive way, pitting traditional models against new ones, showcasing innovative platforms and ideas and encouraging the industry to ask questions and demand better answers.

We kicked off the season with VCCP’s Deputy ECD Jim Thornton and VCCP Media’s Chief Digital Officer Sam Fenton-Elstone exploring the challenges and potential of working more seamlessly together in the new landscape.

Over the next couple of months we will cover everything from adblocking, to the growth of video, to the roles of hyper-targeted and mass communications, and will welcome speakers including Snapchat, Amazon and Thinkbox.

VCCP is uniquely positioned to deliver this fusion of media and message and we hope these sessions ensure we deliver this and future-proof our integration into the future.



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